Utah County School Districts

Utah County has a great number of options for education. The School Districts in Utah County are:

Alpine School District: 

Alpine School District is the primary school district in northern Utah County in Utah, including the cities of LindonOremPleasant GroveAmerican ForkAlpineHighlandLehiSaratoga Springs, and Eagle Mountain. It includes all grades from kindergarten all through high school (K-12). (per Wikipedia.com) More info here: http://alpineschools.org/

Nebo School District: 

Nebo School District is a public school district in Utah County, Utah serving the southern part of the county south of Utah LakeProvo City School District and Alpine School District cover the central and northern parts of the county, respectively. (per Wikipedia.com) More info here: http://www.nebo.edu/

Provo School District:

The Provo School District is a school district in Provo, Utah which has boundaries that coincide with those of the city.[1] The school district is run by a school board elected by city residents. (Per Wikipedia.com) More info here: http://provo.edu/

http://www.schools.utah.gov/ is a great resource for more information!


I will discuss the private and charter school options in Utah County in a future post!


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