Client Review: Smiths

Review from clients buying their first home (this is probably the longest one I have gotten so far… thanks guys!! 😉 )

“Sheralyn and were friends before she commenced as a Real Estate Professional. I recognized her strong work ethic, salesmanship, and creativity instantly after meeting her and her husband Chris back in 2006. I remember when I became antiquated that she was a Realtor when she was passing out some of her business cards to the public. I was impressed by her approach to promoting herself as a Realtor. Over time I watch her posting via Facebook and other social media sites. In 2010 one day I happen to run into her and Chris at the Grocery store. We exchanged pleasantries and conversed about the Real Estate market and changes we were seeing at that juncture. I remember she asked me how close I was getting to purchasing a home. I told her it was getting close but a quite ready yet. I told her then that when the time came I would use her as my Realtor. In the Spring of 2013 my wife and I started looking for homes and the time had finality arrived and I call Sheralyn and we went to work. My wife and I knew what we wanted in a home and we apprized Sheralyn what to look for. She always kept up with market was what was for sale in price range and location we wanted. When we found a home we wanted to look at she worked very quickly and always had a appointment for us within a day or so. We looked at many homes and then we looked at some more homes. Sheralyn was very patient with us because my wife and I are very picky and we looked and passed on so may houses. When we found the house we wanted once again Sheralyn was awesome. She had us come over to her house and worked on the offer and put it in ASAP. It was during this part of putting a offer on the house that Sheralyn’s tools of the trade showed through. She suggested that we add a something extra to the offer so we would stand out from the rest of the offers. Later when we found out the seller had excepted our offer when we were not the highest one that it was “something extra” that won the sellers over. I’m not stating what we did that helped get the house simply because Sheralyn has worked very hard and I don’t want her competition too still her ideas. You will have to find out for yourself and have her be your Realtor. .


THANKS Smiths!! Loved working with you too!! 🙂

Sheralyn Bennett

Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate


801 – 921 – 9732

Bennett . Sheralyn @ Gmail . com

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