Why Orem, Utah is a Great Place to Live!

I live in Orem, Utah. I grew up in Payson, Utah and Orem, Utah. I must say I LOVE Orem. Here are some reasons of my own why & also some outside opinions of why Orem, Utah is such a great place!!!

Why I Love Orem:

-it has everything I need- grocery stores, gym, parks, movie theaters, golfing, etc.!

-Middle of everything- not too far to SLC, and not too far to South Utah County

-It still has a homey, nice community feel. The city is clean & very enjoyable to live in

Reasons why everyone else recognizes Orem, Utah is a great place (and I agree, obviously!)

-Low crime rate, low employment, and a strong economy landed Orem as #30 in the 50 best cities to live in:

America’s 50 Best Cities to Live

-high education rate


-Beautiful parks & sports areas

If you are thinking of moving to Orem, Utah or Utah County, I would love to help! This is my home! 🙂


Sheralyn Bennett

Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate


801 – 921  – 9732

bennett . sheralyn @ gmail. com

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