RCM Homes in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Looking for a rural housing option in Utah County? Want a brand NEW home that is affordable & still cute?

RCM Homes offers some great homes & locations in Eagle Mountain, Utah! We went and checked them out- their standard features & pricing are very impressive-

Homes from $179k and up!!


Let me know if you would like some more information on these!

If you are thinking of building a home, we would love to help you out- Utah County has a lot of new home builder options to go through. You deserve to have buyer representation to be sure you are getting a great deal & keeping on top of things!

Reasons to Use a Buyers Agent when Building a New Home:

*Have somebody representing & protecting your interests

*Know what builders are in the area, their reputations, products, etc.

*Help pick out floor plans, options, etc. that will be a better resale value

*Advocate & guide you through the process, and help mediate if issues come up!


Sheralyn Bennett

Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate


801 – 921 – 9732

Bennett . Sheralyn @ Gmail . com

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