Costs to Consider When Selling Your Home

Costs to Consider When Selling Your Home!


Estimated Selling Price                                                      $________________



  1. Unpaid balance of mortgage                        $_______________ *

2nd Line of Equity                                                     $_______________ *

  1. Mortgage prepayment penalty $_______________
  2. Unpaid tax pro-rations to Buyer             $______________

(You may have funds in Escrow, which would off-set this expense)

  1. Attorney’s Fees                        $______________
  2. Seller’s Title Charges (estimate)            $______________
  3. Special Assessments                                     $______________
  4. Survey $______________
  5. Brokerage Fee & Closing Fee $______________
  6. FHA or VA Discount, if any $______________
  7. Inspections (Well, Septic, Termite)                     $______________
  8. Other $______________

Total of Expenses:                       $_______________

*Estimated Cash to Seller:                       $_______________


Hope this helps you think over what you may need to take into consideration, there may be other items not included here- we are happy to help you with your home or questions!!


Sheralyn Bennett

Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate


801 – 921 – 9732

Bennett . Sheralyn @ Gmail . com

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