All About Radon!

Radon is something that can affect ANY home ANYWHERE! Here are some interesting facts: source:

s radon a problem in Utah?

Excessive radon levels have been found in all of the 50 states. In Utah, 30% of the homes in Utah have radon levels in excess of the EPA recommended action level of 4 picoCuries of radon per liter of air (pCi/L).

How can radon damage my health?

Thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths annually in the United States are attributable to indoor residential exposure to radon. Either smoking or radon exposure can independently increase the risk of lung cancer. However, exposure to both greatly enhances that risk. (At exposures to 4 pCi of radon per liter of air, the lifetime lung cancer risk attributable to radon rises from 2 cases per thousand in non-smokers to 29 cases per thousand in smokers).

How much reliance can I put on these risk factors?

The risk factors were developed from epidemiological studies of underground miners exposed to radon. Because the studies collected data from human adult males rather than from animal subjects, they have a higher confidence level than is applied to toxicological studies. The Surgeon General, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Medical Association, the American Lung Association and the World Health Organization have all identified indoor radon pollution as a national health problem.

How does radon get into my home?

Radon moves from uranium-bearing granite deposits in the soil to the atmosphere because there is a lower concentration of radon in the atmosphere than in the soil. Your home is sited in its path and because the house is usually warmer than the surrounding soil, the air pressure is less and soil gases including radon move into the home. The most common routes are: spaces between basement walls, cracks in foundations, or wall openings around sump pumps and drains, construction joints, crawl spaces showers, and well water with high radon concentrations.

My house is new (old) so it shouldn’t have a problem, right?

The age of a home is not a factor when it comes to whether excessive levels of radon are present in the dwelling.

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