What is Due Diligence?

SO!! You have found a home & you put an offer on it & now are under contract!! Did you know in Utah that buying a home is very buyer friendly- you have many ways to change your mind & get your earnest money back, typically.

You will have a due diligence period, in most cases, where you can make sure you for sure want to go through with the purchase.

But what, exactly, is due diligence?? What should you be looking for in this time?? Here are some suggestions, though not comprehensive, and obviously your trusted agent can help guide you through your situation!!!

-Home inspection- hire a professional to inspect the property thoroughly

-Sex Offender Registry Search- in the area

-HOA info & verification- talk to the HOA, make sure what you think is included and covered really is!

-Homeowners Insurance Availability & Costs

-CCRs, plat, Preliminary Title Report- reading through the rules & regulations for the subdivision so you know what will be expected of you


These are just a few items, buying a home is  a big decision!! 🙂

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Sheralyn Bennett


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