Dog Friendly Housing in Utah County

We LOVE animals, especially dogs!!! We have two chihuahuas, Kanga Rainbow & Peanut Butter.

One thing we have noticed about here in Utah County, however, is that it is SO hard to find pet friendly housing that is not insanely expensive! That honestly is the reason we bought our first home! We thought if we could pay a little more & own our own home AND have a yard for our dogs? Now how cool is that!! 🙂

We know it is not always an option, or feasible to buy,  depending on your situation! But if you are, then here are some things to consider:

-CCRs (covenants, codes & restrictions) in the community: especially in condos & townhomes we have seen, some may restrict the size of pets & also the ability to have pets! Bummer!! Definitely something to check on!!

-Yard space/proximity to a park or trails: you may not be able to get a huge yard for the dogs to roam in, but maybe there is some open space or a park nearby to get their wiggles out.

-City rules on number of animals: typically I have seen 2-3 domestic animals per household. You may have to get a specific license or consider moving further out if you plan to have a ton of animals

-Fencing: check to make sure you CAN fence your yard & if there is a certain material it has to be made out of! Some can be much more expensive than others. Get a bid for the cost so you know what you will be looking at

As always, it is good to have a great Realtor on your side when you are looking!!! We would love to help you & your furbabies!!! 🙂


Sheralyn Bennett


bennett. sheralyn at Gmail

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