Utah County Growth 2017-2018

Utah County sure has had a lot of growth going on this past year!! Here are some notable items that have come to pass this year:

-Westside Provo growth- new High School being built, new Lakeview Parkway exit, tons of new homes & construction going on

-Canyon Creek in Spanish Fork- tons of new stores & restaurants coming South County- TJ Maxx, Ulta, Ross, Cinemark, Olive Garden, etc!! So exciting!!

-Bus Rapid transit under way

-Edgewater Development in Vineyard, Utah- tons of new construction homes, apartments, townhomes, parks, movie theater, restaurants etc

-Adobe expansion in Lehi, Utah

And more every day it seems!

This article is an interesting read:


Definitely becoming a busier & thriving economy. With our proximity to the lake & mountains & overall affordable quality lifestyle here- it is no surprise.

We love & live in Utah County!! If you want to live here too we would love to help!

Bennet Business cards 2017

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