All About Orem, Utah

We live in & love Orem, Utah! It is such a central location in Utah- midway to SLC & easy access to Southern Utah too! Minutes away from the canyons & hiking, & tons of shopping, events & fun stuff to do right around us.

Orem has had a lot of changes & growth in the past few years. Here are some notable items (in our opinion ;)):

-University Place: revamped & refreshed shopping mall- they hold a lot of fun events, have new stores & more parking- really thriving!

-UVX: FREE fare through 2021! This bus connects UVU, East Bay, Provo Towne Centre etc. What a nice benefit & this will help air quality too!

-Trader Joe’s: after a battle between Orem & Provo, Orem won! TJ’s opened recently & offers cool & unique food at low prices! it is the biggest Trader Joe’s in Utah now.

-Orem Dog Park: Up Provo Canyon, this has fenced spots for big & small dogs, water fountains, etc

Here is some more info too:

If you would like to make a move in Utah County- we would love to help! Feel free to reach out to us 🙂

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