Colors of the Year 2019 & Interior Design Trends

2019 is going to have a natural & outdoorsy vibe to it, which we are loving! Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay & Behr Blueprint & Night Watch should be trendy colors. Think deep & warm colors- terracotta, blues, earthy greens.

Got to attend a 2019 Design Trends Event  Max Wilker, the Style Director for Better Homes & Garden presented!
Some key notes I wanted to share:

-Colors will be warmer, bolder & earthier- greens, terracotta, deep blues
-Focus on outdoor/indoor living- outside entertaining
-Southwest Motifs- cacti, bullhorns, patterns
-Stainless steel appliances still dominate (about 80%) but matte black finish is getting more popular
-Quartz counters are now #1 (sorry granite 😦) & is being used in more vertical applications (i.e. bathroom walls)

*An easy way to update your home w/o committing to a big change- adding in a new rug & throw pillows.

If you are thinking of some MAJOR renovations to your home, please feel free to check in with us first! We have seen some major boo boos that could have been avoided with some outside opinions!

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