Habitat for Humanity Utah County

Had the pleasure to go help again at the Habitat for Humanity home build in Springville!! This time we did exterior siding- which was fun, I have never done that part before 🙂

We had to climb up way high onto scaffolding, which was scary haha! But teamwork made it go by really quickly & it is so fun to see it progress! The homeowner is there helping build the home too- they have to commit to a certain amount of “sweat equity” hours on their home. They said this will be the 73rd home completed in Utah! And that they are working on a new 5 home subdivision in Orem! How neat 🙂 you can check out the Habitat for Humanity site for info on voluteering, etc.


20181026_13051220181026_16234920181026_14564620181026_143623Business Card_Chris & Sheralyn Bennett 2018-page-005

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