Meet Us! Chris & Sheralyn Bennett

O86A8275Hello there!!! We know buying or selling a home is a big deal, so we wanted to introduce ourselves! We enjoy working with fun & down to earth people & we know it is more comfortable to know a little bit about who you are working with!!! So here is some info to get to know us! (this is written by Sheralyn, by the way- I am no author, so likely there will be spelling errors & oddly written things HAHA!)

Let’s start with Chris!

Chris Bennett:

Born & raised in American Fork, Utah. Chris loves music & plays the bass guitar in local band, Noble Bodies. He has always been a hard worker & previous jobs include brick hoddy, framing & Retention Manager at Vivint. Chris served an LDS mission in Spain & still speaks Spanish better than you may think 🙂 He attended UVU for a spurt, studying Business Management. He has a lot of hobbies & keeps active & busy. He likes saltwater fish (we have a big tank at home), coin collecting, yardwork & traveling.

Sheralyn Bennett (me):

Born & raised mainly in Payson & Orem, Utah our family moved ALOT! Maybe that is why I like selling houses! We moved probably 25 times? I was always the new girl in school, which was unfortunate since I was painfully shy & chubby :/ I did enjoy househunting & decorating though! Even when I was little I picked up real estate magazines! I don’t take too much very seriously & previous jobs have been: Subway Sandwich Artist, Toys R Us (i played Geoffrey the Giraffe!), Trafalga & Vivint! I went to UVSC & BYU Hawaii studying Interior Design  & recreational Therapy.


We met at a UVSC Latin American Club Social in 2005. I thought Chris was a dork & he chased me from then on 😉 We have been married since 2006 & actually have worked together the majority of the time! Our strengths balance the others, so it is really a great combo. We are both full time Realtors & truly enjoy helping our clients & making new friends. Animals are a big passion of ours- we have 2 Chihuahuas who are 12 (we have had them since they were babies) Kanga & Peanut. They are spoiled as can be & so funny. We love real estate & investing & own rentals & have remodeled many.


We work by referral, so in the end, we want to give you a great experience & have you feel good about telling your family & friends to use us too! You are always welcome to call, text or email us with any questions!!!

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