One Tone, Two Tone, What Does it Mean??

We have remodeled homes, built a home & helped many clients with new homes. A common question that comes up is all about interior paint! In specific, what the difference is between one tone paint, two tone paint & three tone paint. Let’s discuss here!!

One Tone Paint: Very simply put, this is where the whole interior is painted the same color- ceiling, walls, baseboards, trim & doors are all one color. Very simple & clean, we have actually seen a rising popularity in this in high end homes. It is a very classic & simple look- easy to change down the line if you choose to 🙂



Two Tone Paint: popular & common in our market, two tone paint is where the ceiling & walls are one color & doors, baseboard & trim are another. A classic look, which gives a nice finish to the home. We have this in our home & I love it! The two tones could be VERY similar & have just a teensy contrast or be dark & then bright white on the trim to really pop.

5.1 (1)


Three Tone Paint: ceiling is one color, walls are another color & baseboard, trims & doors are another. This can be nice in rooms that need a little visual height- by doing a light color on the ceiling. This is usually an upgrade option, depending on the builder/painter. More costly due to labor & extra prep work.



In the end, we think it is definitely a personal preference & depends on the specific home 🙂 You can always reach out if you have any questions!

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