Tempaper Wallpaper

SO, I have ALWAYS wanted to do wallpaper in our house (this is Sheralyn!) & Chris has always been against. I think we have the idea of wallpaper as the yucky dated borders & styles from way back! And we have also remodeled enough homes to know how terrible that is haha!

But I have actually seen some really great looking & fun papers coming out! So when I saw Tempaper’s removable wallpaper, I knew I had to have it!!! This weekend I did our half bath in the Hello Sunshine wallpaper!!! So cute & I love it! It took me about 2 hours to complete & there was definitely some cussing & struggling, but I got it done!!! Hooray! Fairly quick & easy way to really bring some charm into a space!

Check out their offerings at:


IMG_20190407_154705_282IMG_20190407_154705_284Business Card_Chris & Sheralyn Bennett 2019-page-001

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