Dogs Are Awesome!!

🐶 Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted a dog! BUT, she lived in an apartment which didn’t allow dogs. This girl hates rules – so she got a dog 😂

2 days later she got caught & had to leave. The girl, her hubby & the dog went to another “pet friendly” apartment. And got another dog (because Duh, the 1st dog needed a pal) The rents got raised & it was SO expensive this rebel girl & her hubby decided to buy their first home!!! 🏡

🔨This home was a fixer upper & honestly the 1st one they looked at, BUT it was close to the gym & the girl liked that! 😂 So they bought it!

🌞And that, my friends is the story of us buying our first home!!! And our dogs!!! Kanga & Peanut!! Totally worth it & I would not change any of it 😁

B34I8055B34I8037DSC_4294Business Card_Chris & Sheralyn Bennett 2019-page-001

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