Building a New Home in Utah

It is a very competitive market here in Utah, especially Utah & SLC County, where we mainly work! We have had a lot of clients decide to build in the past few months, due to the escalating prices on existing homes.

Some builders are doing highest & best on even building a new home right now. We have also seen a lot of looong waitlists (14 to 18 months) & limited releasing of lots.

Not to toot our own horns, but-
75% of these homes were NOT on the MLS & wouldn’t have been on their radar if we hadn’t known about them!

🏘There are alot of subdivisions currently going & in the works. We have worked with most builders in the area & know how to deal with them & what to watch for.

Having an agent on your side during the process can truly be a deal saver & make it so much smoother 🛠 Builders will almost always have their own contracts, which can be hard to understand.

If you are thinking of making a move, we would love to help you 🙏☺

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