Small Bathroom, Big Design!

A small bathroom doesn’t mean small design ideas. Go bold in your perfectly petite bathroom with these BIG designer tips: ⁣
⁣1. Keep paint colors light, light, light, OR dark, dark, dark. Pick one and stick with it. Both will give the illusion of a larger space, but you’ve got to commit.⁣

2. Consider a large-scale wall covering. Fight the urge to go with a small pattern in a small bathroom. Large-scale wallpapers and tile patterns can make a space feel larger⁣

3. Mirror an entire wall. The reflection of light will do the same work a window does.

⁣4. Rethink the sink. If you’re really short on space, consider a corner sink. It gets the job done and gives you plenty of space with less to clean.⁣

5. Lift the curtain. Hanging the curtain nearly to the ceiling will heighten the walls and make a hotel-inspired statement.⁣⁣

Use these suggestions to pack your small bathroom with tons of style—and if you’re looking to buy, don’t pass on a home just because it has a small bathroom. There are dozens of ways to refresh, redo, or renovate to make it work for you!⁣ 😊

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