Trivia Time! How Well do you Know Orem, Utah?

Whether you have lived in Orem your whole life or you just moved here, I’m sure there are things you haven’t learned about our great town yet. Let’s see how many of these fun facts you can guess before you see the answers. No peeking!

1. What year was Orem founded?

2. Where did the name Orem come from?

3. Which building in Orem is the oldest, and when was it built?

4. Name someone famous that grew up here.

5. How many residents do we currently have living within the city limits?

6. What business is our largest employer?

7. What is Orem known for?

8. How many miles are we from the state capitol?

9. Who are our current city council members?

10. How many city parks do we have?

11. How many high schools do we have?

12. Can you name all their mascots?

13. How far is it to the closest international airport?

14. What is the name of our largest shopping mall?


  1. 1919

2. named after Walter Orem, president of the Salt Lake & Utah Railroad. He did not live in Orem.

3. from what I could find, I believe it is a home at 417 S. 800 East in Orem which was originally built as an adobe & stucco house in 1887.

4. there are several, Julianne Hough- dancer on Dancing with the Stars, Bert McCracken from the band The Used, Artist James Christensen, etc!

5. estimated at over 100K

6. Utah Valley University

7. orchards & farmlands

8. about 45 miles

9. i will not even pretend to know this offhand, you can see here:

10. 19!! We love Nielsen’s Grove, it has a duck pond & we walk our dogs there often!

11. 4- Mountain View, Timpanogos, Orem High & Summit

12. no i cannot, what about you??

13. 46 miles

14. University Place

We love living here! If you have different info, I would love for you to share- tried to be as accurate as possible!

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