Fall Decor Trends 2021

🍂😍Fall in love with your home all over again as you get it looking its best this October. Need a little inspiration and direction? Here are a few of the biggest home decor trends blowin’ in the breeze:⁣⁣✔Those coolish-gray tones from the past decade or so are slowly inching back in the opposite direction. Browns, beiges, greens — and everything in between — are taking over interior palettes this fall.⁣✔If you’re swapping out cabinet or door hardware, give brass or brushed gold a hard look. Brass or gold instantly warms a space and gives it a timeless, clean feel.⁣✔When shopping for accent pieces like baskets, planters, trays, and frames look for warm wood textures such as bamboo, rattan, or rustic finishes.⁣✔Comfort is (still) king so don’t shy away from pieces you can’t wait to sink into at the end of the day. High-performance, washable fabrics keep things practical, too.⁣🎃Thinking about Halloween? Go for neutral pumpkins this year – a perfectly timed complement to those warmer hues.⁣⁣😮The holidays are just a few weeks (gasp!) away, so if you’re planning a decor revamp before the holiday hustle, now is the time!

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