Flip Your Strip Utah- Water-Efficient Landscaping

🏡 we are ripping up our park strip & doing a more water wise design! We are participating in the Central Utah Water Conservancy District Flip Your Strip program, which offers rebates for doing this.  You can check this out for more info:


Has anyone else done this? Any tips, tricks or comments? 

Wish us luck & stay tuned for the final result, we hope it looks as beautiful as we plan it to! 💮🏵

I’m sure currently our neighbors aren’t loving how it looks 😬🤣

#utahcountyhomes #bennettrealestate #homesweethome #lovewhatwedo #lovewherewelive #utah #drought #waterwise #waterwisegardening #yardwork #houseproject #landscaping #yarddesign #savewater 

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