Unflattering Feedback When Selling Your Home

😖 unflattering feedback…. nobody likes it, but sometimes the truth is harsh!!!

When selling your home, it is likely that not everything you hear is positive.

Here is our advice on what to keep in mind when receiving feedback on your home from showings:

🤔 is it something you CAN improve on?

For example:

✔curb appeal

If so, let’s chat about options to overcome that negative feedback about your home.

Is it something you CANNOT do anything about?

For example:

✔they didn’t like the neighborhood
✔they didn’t like the floor plan
✔ it just wasn’t the right size for them

Your home just may not be the home for those buyers. So keep on moving forward.

Constant communication with your real estate agent throughout the showing process can help you react as needed & get the best results on your home sale!

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