3 Tips to Boost Curb Appeal Before Selling

Gentle reminder today that curb appeal makes all the difference when selling your home.

You know the curb appeal trifecta: mulch, seasonal color, and a pressure-sprayed driveway. But you’re gonna need to add these three if you want to level up your outdoor game:

1) Illuminate walkways. Would-be buyers are sure to do a nighttime drive-by (trust me, they will). Ambient outdoor lighting will have them oohing and ahhing. (Quick tip: Solar lights make this a cinch.)

2) Update porch lights. Replace crooked, outdated, or rusty porch lights with something fresh and modern. Your local home improvement store and a couple of hours are all you need.

3) Add seating with outdoor throw pillows. Everyone dreams of a breezy afternoon in the yard, sipping a cold glass of lemonade. Add seating to give buyers an exact place to do just that.

Time to get to it! And, of course, save this post for later, or reach out if you want to talk about what’s happening in your neighborhood market currently 🙂

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