Snowshoeing at Sundance Nordic Center

Hey there! This is Sheralyn! So, I have always wanted to try snowshoeing! Apparently, my husband has done it before with the Boy Scouts Klondike? Berkshire did a fun group trip up to Sundance where we could either, ski, snowboard or snowshoe. We also snowboard, but since I wanted to try snowshoeing, we figured this was a good chance! So we went up to the Nordic Center which was a little scary in my Prius (haha!) but we made it! They have rentals for pretty much all the gear you need. Pretty affordable too- snowshoes are $13. They have maps for you & the nice lady there helped us decide which trail to follow, according to the time we wanted to spend outside. We erred on the side of the shorter one, but next time would probably do the longer one that gets you by Stewart Falls. AFter we all finished our outdoor activities we met up at Foundry Grill & had a yummy healthy lunch! Super fun day. This would be a great  group activity or date! 🙂

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area with these stunning mountains!

More info here!

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