Happy Client Review: Hansen

“Sheralyn is seriously the best realtor out there!! She is extremely knowledgeable about real estate rules and regulations and knows the market super well. I love that she does her research before she shows you a property and finds out as much as she can. She always has the home info sheet printed out for you when you go to any showing and fills you in on any info she got from the selling party. There is never any sort of pressure from her. It took us almost 2 years to find the perfect home and she never showed an inkling of frustration. She was always happy and upbeat at every single showing. If I’m being honest, I’m going to miss our little ‘get togethers’ a few times every month. We got to be great friends and I recommend her to everybody I talk to who is looking to buy a home! You won’t get better service! Trust me!”

-Britt H. American Fork, Utah

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