Fun Places in Utah Valley to get Dog Treats

We absolutely love dogs & love to spoil ours! So, we happen to know a lot of fun spots to get doggie treats from that we wanted to share!!


Puppucinos (a little cup of whipped cream, they love it)

In N Out- pup patties- an unsalted little hamburger patty- our dogs go crazy for this one, and of course Chris has to get a double double & a shake while we are at it!!

Dairy Queen- pup cups- a little thing of whipped cream. Simple but they love it!

Some others I have *heard* you can get but have not tried personally are:

Beans N Brew- pup cups that have a little treat too

Dunkin Donuts- puppy latte

Sprinkles- they have pupcakes which are super cute- if you can get to them locally- I looked at ordering some & the shipping was like $50 LOL!!

Hope you have some fun spoiling your sweet little dogs!!!

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