Why Use Us as Your Realtors?

🤔 there are so many agents out there, why would you choose to work with US??If I were looking for an agent, these are things about us that I think I personally would appreciate:

-we are very down to earth- if you are looking for a fancy, blingy person, keep on looking 🤣

-teamwork- both of us work together on deals & if one is with another client we can split ways if needed to be available!

-experience- I have been an agent since 2009 & Chris since 2012. We sell a lot of homes every year & have run into a lot of interesting situations

-education- we take our jobs very seriously & strive to keep up to date on laws & changes in the industry

-we are fun! at least, I make myself laugh 💁🏽‍♀️😂 & we love dogs, so!!! (really all animals!!)

Anywho, if that sounds like a good fit, we would love to chat & see how we can help you with your real estate needs!! 🏡

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