Preservation Utah & Historic Home Tours

🌞Had a fun day date in SLC in April. We went & saw the blossoms at the State Capitol & hiked Ensign Peak.

Then we were able to tour the Utah Governor’s Mansion with Preservation Utah. Our docent Jane was very knowledgeable. The mansion was built in 1902 by Thomas & Jennie Kearns.

It features tile from Italy, art from France, a hat rack from Teddy Roosevelt, dutch metal ceiling, etc! Pretty neat 🤓 There was originally a bowling alley in the basement 🎳 House guests have included the Dalai Lama & Dwight Eisenhower.

Chris’ comments on the day:

“That was cool… You are one random mother effer!”

🤣🤣 it’s true!!

For the hike, here is more info:

For the tours & more info on historic properties in Utah, here is more info:

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