Happy Client Review: Xochimitl

“Sheralyn and Chris are absolutely amazing and patient! I never once felt pressure to buy. I was probably one of the most exhausting clients, given that I have a hard time committing to huge life decisions. My husband and I started the buying process 6 years ago; I had life events happening constantly that prevented us from being able to financially afford buying a home. In 2021, we finally were stable enough with a down payment and some padding ready to go. My husband and I decided to build with Wander/Oakwood Homes. As we were completely inexperienced, Sheralyn and Chris would often ask questions I wouldn’t have known about. During the walkthroughs, they helped me to be very precise on changes that were needed (which at the time, I thought “What was the point?”) but now being in my place for a month, I realize how grateful I am for their attention to detail. They do little things like supporting your dance performances, writing you thoughtful cards and check-in throughout the buying process. Truly wonderful humans; I could not express with any more enthusiasm or urgency that you should hire them! You won’t get better service, I’m sure of it. Many of my friends were unsatisfied with their realtors. I sent my best friend to the Bennetts and she had a great experience—which, to me, is huge since I don’t like recommending people or giving high scores. I would give THEM 20/10! Expectations were surpassed. Thanks for helping me, Sheralyn and Chris, and thank you for treating all of your clients so well: my friend also loved you. It made my word even more trustworthy!”


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