First Hamongog Trail Hike

First Hamongog is a trail in Alpine. (Hamongog means “mountain meadow” by the way) This was definitely steeper than we expected, pretty hard in some spots. We saw tons of deer, including babies, some bunnies & also some scattered bones 😮 I also went a little further past the trail, just to see if there was anything interesting & something big & black came barreling at me through the trees, so I ended up running back to where Chris was with my bear spray clutched in my hand (who wants to bet it was like a cow or something silly 🤣)

This trail had nice views & was definitely a good workout. At just about 5 miles round trip, I would call it moderately hard. 

*photos from September*

#hikinginutah #utahhikes #firsthamongog #exploreutah

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