Thistle, Utah

🌞Took our pups out to the ghost town of Thistle, Utah. It was destroyed in 1983 by a massive landslide. It has been said to be the costliest landslide in U.S. history (per Wikipedia 🤓)

Not much left of it now, but still kind of fascinating!! From what I read some of the buildings have been taken down/vandalized so I do not think there are as many structures left as years ago. Which makes sense, almost 40 years ago now! There was a little park that we stopped by and walked the pups through too. Spanish Fork River Park is what it is called!

If I had researched enough before, I would have known there was another ghost town nearby we could see- Mill Fork, Utah.

But I am sure we can another day. Made for a fun quick Saturday afternoon.

More info here:,_Utah

Utah is such a cool place to live & explore!

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